The Inbound Mobility programme is open to the international students to pursue high quality academic programmes. At present, UTAR has a growing number of international students around the world. We welcome more international students who embark their exchange journey in our university!


  • Undergraduate Programme

  • UTAR offers a diverse range of quality and industry-driven programmes with more than 110 different programmes    

  • Postgraduate Programme

  • UTAR offers postgraduate coursework programmes and research expertise in numerous areas             

  • Internship Programme

  • UTAR welcome students to undergo the internship/ volunteering programme in the university

  • Non-Graduating Course (NGC)

  • CEE offers Non-Graduating Course for individuals who prefer a flexible approach in developing their knowledge and skills.

  • New Village Community Programme

  • A programme to equip students with the soft skills and life skills to enhance their competitor edge in the job market and excel in life

  • Research Attachment

  • Faculties facilitate students to develop in-deep knowledge and experience within field of study by completing a research project

Inbound Students Videos

Inbound Interview Video Jan 2018

Inbound Interview Video Jan 2017

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